Telegraf plugin on Opnsense stops suddenly

Hi Everyone,

i am currently scratching my head because the telegraf Plugin on 2/3 (FW01 and FW02) of my Opnsense Firewalls are always stopping after a certain time. On the 3rd Opnsense (FW03), it is working flawlessly. The interessting part is, that all other maschines in the same network as FW01 and FW02 are sending the Metrics without any issues.

FW03 allows any connections from anywhere to the Influxdb.

Here you have a brief overview about my network.

FW01 ----> FW03 --> Influxdb
FW02 ----^
OtherVM -^

And here the Telegraf settings of the Firewalls. All FW are set up identically. And have the latest update (OPNsense 18.1.10-amd64; FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p10; OpenSSL 1.0.2o 27 Mar 2018)

  • Interval: 1
  • Round Interval: true
  • Metric Batch Size: 10000
  • Metric Buffer Limit: 100000
  • Collection Jitter: 0
  • Flush Interval: 2
  • Flush Jitter: 1

Activated Inputs:

  • CPU
  • Per-CPU
  • Total CPU
  • Disk
  • Disk IO
  • Memory
  • Processes
  • Swap
  • System
  • Network

Output Settings:

  • InfluxURL: http//ip.of.influxdb:8086
  • database: monitor
  • Timeout: 5

Playing around with different Batch Sizes and Bufferlimits and Timeouts doesn’t work either

Does someone of you also face this kind of issue?

Thanks in advance