Telegraf-Interval issue

Hi All,

I have added more than 50 devices in Inputs.SNMP plugin, but there is almost 1-2 hours delay to push the data to InfluxDB. I dont see any issues on the time zone as it was setup accurately.
Could one of you please confirm if I need to modify anything within Telegraf plugin?
Here is my current configuration of Telegraf for Inputs.snmp

round_interval = true
metric_batch_size = 10000
metric_buffer_limit = 100000
interval = “30s”
flush_interval = “1m”

Can you please check with telegraf ... --test to see if this is an issue with batching the outputs!?

Thank you Srebhan for your response. I did executed the telegraf…–test for specific conf file, however the data still shows almost an hour delay in InfluxDB.

Considering 50+ servers in same telegraf plugin, associated with lot of mib files, not sure if this causing an issue in executing all mib files.

I don’t think the amount is an issue as we have people querying hundreds of servers with one instance. Anyhow, are you sure it is a delay or can it be a timezone or clock issue? In InfluxDB the times are stored as UTC. Is the clock of the telegraf machine set correctly?

However it is surely not recommended to add 50 agents in 1 snmp input plugin, advised is to split that over multiple input configs. See also Telegraf Best Practices: SNMP Plugin | InfluxData.

What do you get if you convert the timestamp from one of your results in the --test output on a website like Does it say a few seconds ago?

Thank you @Hipska for your response, even I am planning to spilt the agents based on the region wise. I will keep you an update once I validate the output. Thanks