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Welcome & Getting Started

New to InfluxData or just the Community? Start here. We’ve got resources, links, and information that you’ll want to check out. Plus, every Friday, we’ll post an update with news, releases, and articles from the previous week in our Getting Started Weekly Update.


Need to make sense out of a mountain of data? Time Series Visualization tools like Grafana and Chronograf make that easy. Trying to find the best canned dashboards for Grafana, troubleshoot query latency, or see some tips and tricks from the experts, you are in the right place!!

InfluxDB 2

For discussion about InfluxDB 2.0. You can use this category to provide feedback, ask questions, and share issues related to the upcoming 2.0 release (now in Alpha).


Storage is a category that contains questions/comments/how-tos about storing time-series data. It is meant to be a forum to discuss different storage methods and engines.


This category contains topics around collection of data for time series systems. Weather you need to get nginx metrics out of a nested docker container, poll a device in Antartica, or monitor a multi datacenter deployment this is where you can come get help finding those metics!


The alert category contains information about alerting on time series data streams. Also contained here is information about ETL. If you are trying to autoscale your cluster based on a custom metric, send automated alerts based on machine generated data, or apply predictive algorithms to streams of data you are in the right place.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.