Inputs in telegraf config will be running in parallel or sequential?

Hi Team
I have a doubt about telegraf executing all the 4-5 conf file in telegraf.d/ .
will these conf file be running in parallel or sequential ??
what will happend to 2nd conf file if 1st conf is fail to excuite or taking more internal time as expected ?
I am using SNMP input for all confs. and each file represent different vendor

I see your thread in Slack, but to answer here as well, inputs are all run in parallel. Telegraf will read all configuration files and combine them into a single “config”, and then execute all the inputs as a seperate goroutine.

can i define different interval time for different snmp.input ?

Yes, there are input-specific config options. For example:

  interval = "1m"
  interval = "2m"
  interval = "3m"

when i am running 1st inputs.snmp with interval 30s its working fine. than after disabling 1st i am running 2nd inputs.snmp with interval 20s its working also working fine.
But when i am running both enabled with

  interval = "30s"
  interval = "20s"

its giving me

Collection took longer than expected; not complete after interval

What happens if you increase the intervals on both? Can you please share your config to get an idea of what you are trying to do.

Additionally, have you read and applied the various best practices: Telegraf Best Practices: SNMP Plugin | InfluxData