Config file with more than one input snmp plugin



I need to collect traffic metrics from several interfaces for the same network equipment, example:

Interface 1/1/1
Interface 2/1/1
Interface 3/1/1

Below config file for one interface:


    interval = "5m"

    url = "http://localhost:8086"
    database = "influxdb"


   agents = [

   version = 2
   community = "public"
   name = "metric"


      description="10/100/Gig Ethernet SFP"

      name = "ifHCInOctets"
      oid = ""

      name = "ifHCOutOctets"
      oid = ""

Today I have one config file by interface, that is best way?

Can I have a one only config file for all interfaces?


Hi @paulohperes,

You can have multiple [[inputs.snmp]]

sections in the same configfile ,
On linux you can also use separate .conf files ( in /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d) that will be read when Telegraf starts …
Is that a solution for your problem ?
Best regards