Telegraf agent multiple files-Input_SNMP and Input_SNMP_Trap


There is an issue whilst we running the multiple telegraf.conf files in the same system to capture snmp and snmp_trap both data from the remote agents.

telegraf1.conf, telegraf2.conf and telegraf3.conf… telegraf10.conf. All 10 config files capturing the snmp data from multiple remote agents without any issue.

Additionally there is one more config file(telegraf_snmp_data) to capture only snmp_trap data. If I start run the this file (telegraf --config telegraf_snmp_trap.conf --test) then other 10 config file stopped getting the snmp data from remote agents, however I need to execute below command separately for each file to capture the remote agent snmp data.

telegraf --config telegraf1.conf --input-filter snmp -output-filter influxdb_v2
telegraf --config telegraf2.conf --input-filter snmp -output-filter influxdb_v2