One telegraf agent, multiple sources to monitor


I am running the telegraf agent on Ubuntu server.

Initially, I was only monitoring the local server stats every 30 seconds, so had one config file located at /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf

and it was working fine.

I then tried to also do some HTTP monitoring from the same server (every 6 hours), so created another config file at:
It’s working fine.

Now, the agent seems to only report on HTTP monitoring data but no server stats anymore.

How can I get both configuration files to run for the same agent? Or do I need to run two Telegraf agents?


You can include multiple input plugins in your telegraf config.
Please see this also:

Thank you!

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Thank you. I think I had already seen this.

However, in my case, I would like:

1 - Monitoring 1 to check server stats every 30 seconds
2- Monitoring 2 to check a specific HTTP address every 6 hours

Since the two schedules are not aligned, I assume I have to run two agents, because one agent can only have one schedule?

That’s not the case, interval can be overridden in any input plugin

  • interval: Overrides the interval setting of the agent for the plugin. How often to gather this metric. Normal plugins use a single global interval, but if one particular input should be run less or more often, you can configure that here.

you can freely set whatever interval you want per input plugin