Telegraf SNMP inputs agents on different file

Is it possible add path to file which contains list of agent hosts instead of adding all host names or IP addresses in telegraf.conf.
For example now we have:
_ agents = [“” , “” , “”]_

Is it possible something like this:
_ agents = “/etc/telegraf/routers-and-switches.txt”_

I need that because I want to run multiple input.snmp instances for the same list of devices. Each instance would be dedicated for different metric (CPU, Memory, Interface). And I could easily add o remove devices to monitoring.

No, it is not possible to do this.

So I have a similar problem, but a different approach (which might work for you).

Instead of a monolithic file, I was planning on using a single config file per-device that would be generated via a script using a set of templates and a list of devices. In your case, I might try doing something like this:

Have a set of templates that looks like the following:

  agents = "<devices>"
  #rest of config

Then a script that would look something like this:

transform human-readable device list into telegraf-readable device list
for each file in <scriptdir>/templates:
  insert comment about file being automatically managed
  replace <devices> with device list
  save as <telegraf_dir>/telegraf.d/<template_name>.conf
reload telegraf

Adding a device then would involve updating the device list and running the update script.

IMO this approach is a little better than your original idea because it gives you the option to build in safeguards against accidentally breaking your telegraf config.


Thanks @bcoleman , it is actuality really good idea, I did not realize that I ca run multiple telegraf configuration files. And it will let me provision new and decommissioned devices a lot easier.