Mutliple telegraf.conf files


Trying to find examples of multiple telegraf.conf files and not finding what I need.

I have 6 devices on my network from which I wish to collect SNMP data. It’s all going into one influx database. I have 4 working well but the last 2 are causing issues so I want to split them all up for ease of problem-solving.

What I want to do is put the output section in the telegraf.cong file and each separate snmp device in its own .conf file in telegraf.d directory.

1/ Will this work!
2/ I can see all the other .conf files go in telegraf.d But, do I need to specify the names of the.conf files in the original telegraf.conf file!




Hi @NVass ,

1/ that should work
2/ you don’t have to specify the names in the original telegraf.conf file ,
all files *.conf in telegraf.d will be loaded


Hey @NVass,

I’ve provided an example of such configuration. Please let me know if this explains what you need:


Thanks Guys,

Pretty sure I can make this work with your comments and Examples.

Have a good Easter Weekend.