Question about Telegraf input plugins


I’m not sure if I am in the correct area so apologies if I am not.

I have been learning about Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf. I’ve been watching some videos and setting up Telegraf to collect data which then pushes it to Influx and then i can see it all in my Grafana graphs

However one thing I’m getting confused on is the collectors, specifically the telegraf.conf file found in /etc/telegraf.

Here I managed to import my first EdgeRouter SNMP collector, which works and displays data.
The next one I added into was a MYSQL collector.

Am I right in that each collector I want - to just keep putting all the details in that same file and then restarting the service?

…Or do I have to create seperate .conf files for each collector?

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you.

multiple file is only for a better organisation
if you want, you can make a .conf with more 15K line

Great thanks very much.