First time using Telegraf, how to SNMP?


Hello everyone,

This is my first time ever working with influxdb telegraf and grafana.
It took me a few days to figure out but yesterday i was finally able to create my first dashboard.

For my life i cannot figure out how to get snmp data from cisco router in grafana.
We have offices on multiple location, each office has their own switch.

Ive done the search, but as of now i’m completely clueless, if it is not much to ask could someone help me step by step or point me to the right direction.


I use snmpcollector for getting SNMP data into InfluxDB. It’s a much better option than telegraf.


First off, can i just say thank you to you.
Thank you very much for taking the time to comment back to me.

I’m very very new to all of this. I have been RTFM but i’m not getting anywhere close.
I was wondering and hoping you could guide me a bit if it’s not to much to ask of your time


Check out the wiki link on the github page. Scroll til you see “Cisco Catalyst” under “Examples” on the right-hand side. That should be good enough to get you started.

edit: looks like my post was censored. I’m neither a developer of snmpcollector nor am I affiliated with the guys that wrote it. It’s just a more purpose-built SNMP collector than telegraf is.


Again thank you very very much, tomorrow i will spend some time on this trying to get it working.
I’m loving the learning experience