Telegraf - SNMP - Cisco IOS

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Im new here and confused regarding a point,

I have a telegraf [Telegraf 1.17.3 (git: HEAD 24a552b9)] agent installed in a Centos 8 VM, on the installation directory I have this files

Also I have a influxdb 1.8 installed on a docker image

I have a cisco switch with SNMP configured (I test it using SNMPWALK) I want telegraf to get Data from Cisco switch using SNMP,
I found a plugin in Git called SNMP : telegraf/plugins/inputs/snmp at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub

My questions are,

How to install/add this plugin from githum to my Telagraf config ?
I should Write a new config file or just add some codes to the default config file ‘Telegraf.conf’ ?
and regarding the Cisco switch SNMP MIb files should be stored on the SNMPWALK directory or I should store it somewhere to make Telegraf use it ?

Thank you so much for the help

I’m available for any extra information,

You don’t need to install anything, the plugin belongs to the native telegraf plugins and is already compiled into Telegraf. You only need to comment out or add the corresponding configuration snippet in the telegraf.conf file.