Telegraf broken after update?


On my home lab and upgraded my Telegraf on my Ubuntu VM which has InfluxDB and Grafana on it and inbound telegraf stats from my firewall, IoT devices work into Influx, but telegraf running on this VM that goes out to devices like my VMware host, or access points has stopped working,

If I run a test I get this now:

# telegraf --test -config ciscoap.conf
2022-02-10T21:36:45Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.21.3
2022-02-10T21:36:45Z I! Loaded inputs: snmp
2022-02-10T21:36:45Z I! Loaded aggregators:
2022-02-10T21:36:45Z I! Loaded processors:
2022-02-10T21:36:45Z W! Outputs are not used in testing mode!
2022-02-10T21:36:45Z I! Tags enabled: host=svr-monitor

I use to get the stats when I tested, but not anymore. Has anything changed or is something else wrong?



Can you share your full config, please?

SNMP does have some known issues, can you run with debug to get some more output please?


Sure, also is there a procedure to roll back to an older version just to prove it is that?

You can always download older versions of the binary from our releases page.

Thanks, I’ve downloaded an older version, well a few to test.

If I try to install it can as a later version exists, do I need to completely uninstall the current one? Will it remove my .conf files?

How are you installing? Are you using the deb, rpm, exe? or some other mechanism?