Telegraf -config test.conf -test show data, but some not appearing in InfluxDB


Telegraf 1.25.0 (Ubuntu)

I’m using the SNMP inputs in a telegraf.conf file, it’s been working great for a while. I’ve since ran and SNMPwalk and I can see another OID I need so I’ve added to the telegraf.conf file and ran 'telegraf -config test.conf -test' and I can see my new field returned.

So I’ve restarted telegraf and gone into the InfluxDB and ran:

'SELECT * FROM "snmp" WHERE "agent_host" = '' limit 1'

However it doesn’t show up at all in the output, hence I don’t see it in Grafana.

All I am using in the Telegraf.conf is:

    name = "rs-IMSI"
    oid = ""

What am I doing wrong? As I have many others like this working and coming through into InfluxDB > Grafana.


Have you tried specifying a time range?

I took the limit off the query and I see nothing in the database.

I don’t understand as with the SNMP walk and Telegraf test show it, but nothing in the DB.

I deleted the DB and recreated it and I get the same issue.

Please show the logs from --test.

Isn’t that what’s in the screenshot? Or can I produce a specific log output for this as I have many other config files running.

Well my hope was to see your entire metric to understand what it looks like. I don’t foresee any issues, but it is pretty hard to guess why a metric wouldn’t show up without any logs.

I assume you see a message about successfully sending metric to influxdb?

Hi Josh, sorry all the info is now over in Slack, Sven added you to the thread.

Once again the logs are what helped :wink:

2024-01-26T16:46:27Z E! [outputs.influxdb] E! [outputs.influxdb] Failed to write metric (will be dropped: 400 Bad Request): partial write: field type conflict: input field “telkrs-sinr” on measurement “snmp” is type float, already exists as type string dropped=1

As you discovered you have a type conflict. Glad it got figured out.