SNMP not showing up in my database

I am new to telegraf, influxdb and grafana. Trying to setup sophos monitoring, I am not able to see the snmp in my database.

show measurements
name: measurements


I want snmp in this, how do I do it?

Please give us more information to understand your setup.

For example:

  1. What operating system and version have you installed these things on?

  2. Which versions of telegraf, influxdb and grafana have you installed?

  3. Have you created or modified any configuration files? If yes, tell us what
    you’ve changed.

  4. You mention SNMP - how are you getting this data and how are you feeding it
    in to telegraf?

  5. Where does Sophos come in to the picture? It means a virus scanner to me,
    which doesn’t link up in my brain with either system monitoring or SNMP…

  6. Anything else which might be helpful for us to understand what you’re
    doing, what you’re aiming for, and what the problem is.



I am using centos 7, telegraf v1.17.2

Sophos is a firewall, I want to monitor the bandwidth, cpu utililaztion in grafana. I want to know how can I do this ?