RabbitMQ Input Plugin for Telegraf: authentication issue?

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to connect to my local RabbitMQ node from Telegraf using the RabbitMQ Input Plugin but keep getting an error message:

[inputs.rabbitmq] Error in plugin: Wrong answer from rabbitmq. Probably auth issue

Any idea why this is happening? Or are you aware of some way I can get some more detailed information about what the underlying cause is?

Thanks! :smiley:

P.S. I’m able to login to RabbitMQ Management UI on http://localhost:15672/ using the same admin user. I can also successfully run curl -i -u admin:guest http://localhost:15672/api/vhosts from the command line and it returns information about my queues.

The surprsing thing is, If I login to the InfluxDB web UI I can see that Telegraf has added a large number of new RabbitMQ measurement tags and fields. It’s even scraped the names of my queues. But whenever I look at any of those measurements they all have a value of zero.

Apparently I was using a Docker image in which the all statistics/metrics in RabbitMQ Management UI are disabled. So after switching to the right Docker image I can now see RabbitMQ metrics if I login to the RabbitMQ Management UI on http://localhost:15672. A couple of minutes after that the RabbitMQ metrics finally started showing up in InfluxDB. :partying_face:

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