Rabbitmq plugin not working


The rabbitmq plugin is not working.

This is the error log in the telegraf.log file

 Error in input [inputs.rabbitmq]: Errors encountered: Get unsupported protocol scheme

This is the telegraf configuration,

url = ""

The rabbitmq server is up and running. What is the reason behind this problem ?

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This input uses the management plugin, once enabled this API is usually on port 15672.

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I have enabled that plugin now,
So, we have to give the 15672 port in Telegraf.conf?

 url = ""


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@daniel If that is the case, still I am not getting anything.

here is the full error now,

2017-05-01T20:30:10Z E! ERROR in input [inputs.rabbitmq]: Errors encountered: [Get127.0.0.1:15672/api/queues: unsupported protocol scheme ""], [Get unsupported protocol scheme ""], 
[Get unsupported protocol scheme ""]
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I do a get response by this,

curl -u guest:guest 'http://localhost:15672/api/queues/'

A very large json, which I cannot post here

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@Luv Try url = http://localhost:15672 You need the http in there.


Oh yeah & Oh no !!

I see, it was written url. Works perfectly now !!