Rabbitmq plugin, filter tags



Currently I want to filter out some rabbitmq queues that are not in my interest to monitor. Because I have queues name that may be generated automatically and are random strings, this is what I ended up using:

    url = "http://localhost:15672"
        queue = ["brain", "frontend", "results", "[A-Z]*"]

Now, this above config does that it needs and filter the queue that I’m interested but, I don’t see anymore measurements like rabbitmq_node and rabbitmq_overview. So, I tried to add smth like this:

    url = "http://localhost:15672"
    namepass = ["rabbitmq_overview", "rabbitmq_node"]

But still can’t see them.

What I’m doing wrong ?


Telegraf version: Telegraf v1.5.0~5f215c2 (git: master 5f215c2)


OK, I just noticed that I was not including the username/pass in the second definition of my config. All seems to work OK now.