RabbitMQ Input Plugin: no metrics passed with measurement rabbitmq_node

I am checking what telegraf passing into influxdb ([[outputs.influxdb_v2]]) with RabbitMQ Input Plugin ([[inputs.rabbitmq]])
– no data passed for measurement rabbitmq_node (all other measurment work fine).

RabbitMQ (v3.8.2) with managment plugin, but I see in GUI all info about node.
I have only 1 node & tryed with pointed node or without it (all nodes by default) - no metrics

Any errors or other hints in the log-file? Can you please post your (redacted) config?! It’s really hard to know what’s going on without any information…

After server reboot telegraf rerun passing metric.
We have leaking with channels creating, as a result increasing erlang processes amount up to limit. It is fixed, now everything ok.
But it is strange that this measurement just stopped to pass after some time of increasing amount of channels & processes, with the same default config.