Amqp input with json metrics

Hi, I want to expose metrics to Prometheus for servers in another VLAN, accessible only through a common RabbitMQ server. I would like to use batched JSON format if possible.

The solution I’m trying to create uses Telegraf on the servers with amqp output plugin (batched JSON metrics) and Telegraf on the local VLAN with amqp input and prometheus_client output. The problem is the only metrics exposed to prometheus are amqp-client stuff, and not the metrics from the RabbitMQ messages themselves. When I tried changing the format on both Telegraf instances to “influx” - voila, it worked!

So I’d like to know what I’m missing here - why does the amqp input with JSON format show amqp metrics, but when using influx format it actually shows the metrics from the messages?

*Telegraf version 1.7.3
**There were no errors in the Telegraf log with debug = true, and outputting to a file also didn’t show the metrics from the messages.


I’m stumped, can you show an example of the working vs non-working metrics in line protocol (influx) format?