VerneMQ metrics/ plugin it will be available or it cand be covered with [[inputs.mqtt_consumer]]?


VerneMQ already expose metrics for prometheus by default on http://localhost:8888/metrics.

VerneMQ Monitoring documentation/ metrics: Welcome - VerneMQ

Unfortunately there is nothing for InfluxDB on this matter. The only thing related could be [[inputs.mqtt_consumer]] but I’m not sure that is suitable.

Any recommendation/ idea?
Kindly let me know what do you think.

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Any news regarding this topic?

Telegraf has a Prometheus Input Plugin that can be used to scrape metrics in the Prometheus exposition format.

The MQTT Consumer Input Plugin seems like it would also be a viable option, and both Graphite and SNMP are also supported by Telegraf.

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Hi Noah,

Thank you for the details.
I know this solution, it was a question more like a curiosity if some strategy is made around some products in order to have by default integrated the possibility to have metrics directly to --> InfluxDB.

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It doesn’t look like VerneMQ exports metrics in any application-specific way, so I’m not sure how much of an advantage you’d get out of a native Telegraf plugin. One thing a dedicated plugin would provide is the ability to identify which applications you’re running, for use with canned Chronograf dashboards, for example.

If you’re interested in a plugin for a particular application, you can always open an issue on GitHub. The Telegraf team might decide to prioritize it, or someone else from the community might pick it up—in fact, the most common way that a new plugin gets created is through community contributions. A large portion of our plugins have been built by members of the community who were using an application and wanted to easily get metrics from that application into InfluxDB and decided to write something themselves.

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Yes agree with you. Not this was the scope, I was saying that some applications exposes directly the metrics, one of them is VerneMQ where is not a need of an exporter from prometheus or telegraf. You only need to scrape that endpoint. Some other they already have influxdb as destination to set like spring boot 2.x.
Also it will be a great ideea to have like a compatibility matrix what plugins are present wich ones are in progress and other planned for future, would be nice to have such a diagram.

It’s a great solution but keep in consideration that most of the people are using Grafana instead of prometheus GUI or Chronograf GUI.

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