I need guidance to add built-in input plugin (like MQTT) to telegraf and enabling it. I am using influxdb

Though i have copied the MQTT plugin configuration and pasted it in my telegraf conf file still there is some lack which i am unable trace out to get metrics from mqtt_consumer (broker) into influxdb . Using influxdb in my local machine though am successful in tracking default system metrics but it is not displaying any information on mqtt. Really,tried following the telegraf documentaion but still am unable to fill the gaps which can enable mqtt plugin in my influxdb.

Note: i am using influxdb local not cloud version.
kindly seeking for help in this matter.

Does the connection between Telegraf and InfluxDB work in principle?
Does InfluxDB even get any data from Telegraf?

Does Telegraf spit out any error messages? Use the --debug option.

Please post your Telegraf config snippets in Markdown format here:

put the Telegraf config code snippets here