How to install MQTT plugin for Telegraf

I have telegraf and influxdb installed on a Pi3. In the <telegraf.conf>, I have one Input configured, and it’s an MQTT input. The one output is the influxDB.

When I run telegraf from console, I get this error after about a minute:

2017/11/09 00:18:16 E! Service for input inputs.mqtt_consumer failed to start, exiting
Network Error : dial tcp i/o timeout

Is this because I didn’t install the plugin? I see the <mqtt_consumer.go> on github, but how are plugins installed? I read the doc but looks like it doesn’t mention how to actually install the plugins. Do you just download the .go file into <etc/telegraf> directory? OR maybe the <etc/telegraf/telegraf.d>?

I’m running v. 1.1.2.

All of Telegraf’s plugins are built in, so you only need to configure them. It looks like the plugin was just unable to connect to the MQTT server here.