New User cannot change configuration directory

I was just trying to setup influxdb V2.5 locally and I found there are two ways to change the config directory using influx cli tool;

One way is to use influx config --configs-path to change the config directory; but this just doesn’t give me any feedback on the command line, apart from printing the default config. I don’t know if this worked or not; it look very much like influx config just ignored everyting after config.

Another way is to use influx server-config --configs-path $PATH --token $OPERATOR_TOKEN ; however the token created when we first set up inlfux account at localhost:8086 is not visible (you can’t see the actual key apart from its name and permission it has, under API TOKEN tab). Creating another all-access token and pass that to influx server-config is to no avail.

Apparently I am not off to a good start with InfluxDB.


I’ve managed to create recovery operator token and pass it to influx server-config; however if I pass a directory path to this command, I got error saying it is a directory (this command is to set directory path); and if I pass a config file path to it, it prints server config yet no confirmation.