Change installation path


is it possible to set location of installation before install influx package?
what happen if i change location after installation through influx.conf,
old data move to new location ? or not?


@Indeed_1 You can generate a new configuration file with influxd config and edit it. The data will not move if you change the data file locations in the config, influxd will just create a new data directory at the specified path.

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@jackzampolin Thanks :slight_smile:

I installed influxdb. Up and running all good. Then, was going to load some real data so wanted to change the data directory to a larger drive.
First attempt, edited /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf and changed the data dir entry. Would not start.
After googling, changed all three of the meta, data, and wall to where I wanted it. Still no dice.
Went to the drive where I wanted to have all this stuff. I made the owner influxdb, so everything read
influxdb:influxdb and also made sure the permissions and owner exactly matched those in the default data directory.
Still no dice. Don’t see any log files, looked for those, pretty much tried for four hours and I’m an experience software engineer.
Here’s where it is right now - I have two config files, the original, which will allow influxdb to start no problem. Then I have my customer one, with the three changes to change location. Influxdb will not start with that one.

What could I be missing?
System is Ubuntu (17.04)