InfluxDB V2 changing data storage location

I would like to change the storage location.
Iv followed this link but im quite confused. InfluxDB configuration options | InfluxDB OSS 2.0 Documentation
Am I supposed to create a config file in the folder same as where influxd is located?
And if I create the config file there, what should it contain if I wanted it to store it at for example D:/Data

@subwayfootlong you can use the influxd print-config command to generate a default config file. Once you’ve got that, you’ll edit the engine-path value to point at the new location (you can also edit bolt-path if you want the embedded metadata DB to be stored differently).

After editing your config, you pass it to the server via env variable.

INFLUXD_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/your/custom/config influxd

Hello sorry for digging this up again,
So from what i understand, the engine is the actual data being stored right?
So what I did was to run influxdb with

influxd  --engine-path=E:\influxdbExternal

instead of just doing this


Did I do it right?

And from what im seeing in my drive properties, the C: drive is still being written to alot, could this be the bolt file?