How to change InfluxDB' storage path

Hello, I am Hwanny.

I am using InfluxDB2 ver2.1.1 on Windows. When I execute the InfluxDB without specific path, InfluxDB makes files at a default path(the path is “C:”) to save data. But I want to change the path to InfluxDB.exe located path.

So, I made a BAT file as below.

set FULL_PATH_NAME=%~dp0
mkdir %FULL_PATH_NAME%engine
mkdir %FULL_PATH_NAME%engine\data

start %FULL_PATH_NAME%influxd.exe --bolt-path %FULL_PATH_NAME%influxd.bolt --engine-path %FULL_PATH_NAME%engine --vault-token token_string

I used three options to change the InfluxDB’s storage path.

  1. –bolt-path
  2. –engine-path
  3. –vault-token

It executes well, but when I write data on the InfluxDB, A program which i made can’t write data.
I have two questions.

  1. Is it possible to change InfluxDB’s storage path?
  2. If it is possible to change the path, How do I do? Which option should use to change the path?

Thank you.