Influx CLI: --configs-path configuration?


I’m trying to change the CLI configuration file to a different path than the standard %USERPROFILE%.influxdbv2\configs.
From the documentation it seems that using influx config --configs-path I should be able to configure the location of the new configs file…
I tried pointing to an empty location, thinking it would create the file, or create the file then pointing to it but in both cases, this command doesn’t seem to do anything…
Am I missing something?

I need to create scripts to install the influx binaries and cli tool automatically and not being able to provide a config to the CLI is an issue.
I really need to remove the configs from %USERPROFILE%, this is the last place I would put anything…

Thank you for your help.

Hello @Sirosimo,
Hmm that’s interesting I don’t see that here:

Which maybe tells me you you can use that command to point to that location but you’d have to move the configs from the default ~/.influxdbv2/configs to your new location.

Thank you for your feedback @Anaisdg,
I tried to create a file configs in C:\temp for instance (no extensions, no file type).
Then I ran influx config --configs-path C:\temp or influx config --configs-path C:\temp\configs but it didn’t work.
I also try to copy the original file from ~/.influxdbv2/configs to C:\temp (deleting the source file/folder) and try to point to it using the same commands but it end up always recreating it in ~/.influxdbv2/configs. Which tell me that you don’t need to have the location existing first ? It looks like it creates it.
The influxd service was running while trying… Am I missing some wildcard or something ?

So I think I found the solution.
The --configs-path needs to be configured in the initial DB setup.
After installing InfluxDB when using influx setup [flags] make sure to configure the --configs-path otherwise it will be set by the default for the remainder of the DB life.
I wish it was a path you can configure in the db config file (config.json). It would make automated installation a ton easier by being able to set the WHOLE config in one file.