Changing Port from 8086 to another port in Influxdb2 (not original Influxdb)

Hello there. This is driving me crazy! :slight_smile:

I’ve created the config file through CLI - located in %appdata%.influxdbv2. I don’t have any config files in the Program Files folder, but to my knowledge, it’s not supposed to in Influxdb2.

I’ve tried adding .conf and .json files to the Program Files folder anyway and haven’t had any luck. I’ve also tried changing this via the Influx CLI ("influx config set --http-bind-address “:8086"”), but it won’t except the value and I don’t think that will be the correct thing to change anyway.

Can anyone shed light on the issue? How do I change the port (and the URL) from 8086 to be “xxxx”?

Thank you!!

@breilly217 With InfluxDB v2, you can custom-configure the server using a configuration file or by just passing flags to influxd when you start the server:

Use a configuration file

http-bind-address: ':8086'
Set the INFLUXD_CONFIG_PATH envrionment variable before starting influxd
$ export INFLUXD_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/custom/
$ influxd

Use configuration flags

influxd --http-bind-address :8086