First setup inconsistency localhost with CLI and server UI

I made a fresh installation of InfluxDB v2.2 on a remote Ubuntu 22.04 machine.

using SSH and CLI I started influxdb and created 1st CLI connection config “config1” with:

  • URL localhost:8086. password1. orgname1. and set it active
    I assumed that the above command already created the orgname1, but listing orgs showed that not, nor did it create any users of course.

Afterwards I accessed the UI with IP-address:8086 (not local host as I accessed remotely) which prompted me for the initial user setup. I set the following

  • user2. password2. bucket2. orgname1. The UI API token gave me the
    I additionally created orgname2. user2 was automatically assigned to orgname2. (why?)

Realizing I messed up somehow, I went back to the CLI and created “config2” with

  • URL IP-address:8086. password=user2_API_token. orgname1. and set it active
    With that I cannot find any orgs or users using the CLI.

I’m sure I mixed up a few things and didn’t get the concept right. Can you help me? How should I do the initial setup and how can access the same thing with both the UI and the CLI?