Monitoring telegraf data from other servers

I’m new to telegraf and influxdb and I’m trying to send data from a telegraf agent in windows to to the telegraf agent in ubuntu in VM.
What input/output plugin config settings should I change in the telegraf.conf files?

Why send data from telegraf to telegraf? What is the second telegraf instance
going do with it? Why not just send the data from the first instance directly


i have influxdb in the virtual machine (ubuntu). so I’m trying to collect the system data in windows and then send it to influxdb in the virtual machine.
I don’t need to use the second instance of telegraf, its just that i didn’t know i could simply send the data to influxdb in VM.
Could you tell me how to do that?

Look at the [[outputs.influxdb]] section of telegraf.conf and set appropriate
values for “urls”, probably using http://a.b.c.d:8086 where a.b.c.d is the IP
address of your Ubuntu VM.


Yes I already did that. It did not work. I can only view the data collected from ubuntu, not the data from windows.

Are you sure you have network connectivity between the Windows machine and the
Ubuntu VM?

Without that, you won’t be able to get Windows’ telegraf to talk to Ubuntu’s
Influx, but you won’t be able to get telegraf to talk to telegraf either.

Depending on how you have set up your VM, I suspect the Windows machine
doesn’t know how to route to Ubuntu’s IP address, but that’s just a guess.


No thats not the issue… Thing is a couple of days ago i managed to do it and it was working too… but due to some issue my laptop lost power and the recent changes in the settings were lost … I can’t seem to be able to do that again… either I’m missing something (its probably that), or something else got messed up due to the power loss…


Check the 2nd paragraph… there is no response from ubuntu

The following is the latest error:
2019-05-15T06:55:18Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.10.3
2019-05-15T06:55:18Z I! Using config file: C:\Program Files\Telegraf\telegraf.conf
2019-05-15T06:55:18Z E! Unable to open /Program Files/Telegraf/telegraf.log (ope
n /Program Files/Telegraf/telegraf.log: Access is denied.), using stderr
2019-05-15T06:55:18Z I! Loaded inputs: win_perf_counters
2019-05-15T06:55:18Z I! Loaded aggregators:
2019-05-15T06:55:18Z I! Loaded processors:
2019-05-15T06:55:18Z I! Loaded outputs: influxdb
2019-05-15T06:55:18Z I! Tags enabled: host=Pray
2019-05-15T06:55:18Z I! [agent] Config: Interval:10s, Quiet:false, Hostname:“Pra
y”, Flush Interval:10s
2019-05-15T06:55:28Z W! [outputs.influxdb] when writing to [
6]: database “please_work” creation failed: Post ne
t/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded w
hile awaiting headers)