I need help with telegraf

Hey guys , first of all im new in this world… I am here because i need your advice …
First of all i have few virutal machines and on a first one im using Grafana , InfluxDB and telegraf instaled, everything is working find and i really like it. So now my question is how can i monitor other VM’s machine should i install telegraf on all of them ? or what ? I hope that someone will give me great advice /tutorial how to monitor other linux servers . Thanks alot Luka.


This is pretty easy to do. If you install Telegraf on a Linux or Windows machine, in the telegraf config you just need to set the influxdb output to point to your influxdb VM and enter your database credentials. You can use the servers IP address or if you have a DNS record you can use that.

To collect Linux metrics, you’ll want to use the inputs.system plugin - that will get you the CPU, Memory, Disk, Network and so on.

If you install the agent on another server, you can just copy your current telegraf config (from the server you have running already), change the url to your influx server and start telegraf.

It was easy to set up things for Linux servers but im having an problem with instaling Telegraf on my Windows PC .
Im following this tutorial but seems link im facing some problem with Telegraf.


When I enter cmd " telegraf.exe --service install " i recive eror " This app can’t run on your PC " but there was only one version for Windows … so im little bit confused.