Monitor/reporting multiple Linux servers

Hi there,
New to Influxdb2+Telegraf+Grafana. We’d like to try to use this combination to monitor/reporting/alerting around 10 Linux servers.
Do we need to install telegraf in every sever as agent to collect metric data?
Also, seems not that many influxdb2 dashboards out there?

Thanks for anything!

Welcome @JZ166! I’ll try to answer each of your questions separately.

Yes, the Telegraf agent does need to be installed and running on each server. However, one cool feature of Telegraf is that you can use remotely hosted configuration files. InfluxDB v2 actually lets you store and use Telegraf configuration files. So if you create and store your Telegraf config in InfluxDB, you can start all the separate Telegraf daemons using the same, centralized config stored in your InfluxDB instance. More info here.

InfluxDB v2 has what are called “templates” which include dashboards, but also other resources to power those dashboards (buckets, dashboard variables, telegraf configurations, etc.). In fact, the Linux System community template sounds perfect for your use case.

You can get more information about InfluxDB templates here.

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Thanks a lot Scott! I will try, much appreciated!