Influxdb2.0 add more input pligins

Hi there,
I am checking influxdb2.0. I see you have pre-configured dashboards like system that are pre-loaded in the instalation of influxdb2.0 and to work with then you don’t need to have telegraf.conf in local folder.
But if I want to add more plugings to this dashboard, how can I do it? Should I configure telegraf manually or can I have system dashboard and configure more metrics manually?

@anabel Currently, yes, you will need to configure them manually, but we have laid the groundwork for a new “package” system in the InfluxDB UI that will allow you to import and export entire packages of Telegraf configurations, dashboards, labels, alerts, etc. So you can build out an entire system of data collection, visualizations, and alerts that are portable across InfluxDB installations. Documentation for this functionality is coming.

I also believe you will be able to manually customize Telegraf configurations in the InfluxDB 2.0 UI very soon.