Telegraf and Influx

Hi, what should I do to collect metrics from different windows servers to my local machine and visualize that telemetry data in Grafana

for instance I am using Telegraf and InfluxDB
and I have more than one windows servers.

Hello @Alpheus,
Thanks for your question.
You can either run it in containers or install the binary.
Here you can find a tutorial for installing influxdb:

The following link has the appropriate telegraf config example:

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So do I have to install InfluxDB and Telegraf on every server to collect telemetry data
and visualize it on my machine ?

You should have a telegraf agent running anywhere you want to collect data from, then you can send that data to one InfluxDB instance if you want.

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thanks , that is very helpful

to ask again is it possible to send metrics from Telegraf to hosted Graphite suppose my graphite is hosted on :

if so can you please guide me with some steps.