Monitoring Windows perf counters across infrastructure and multiple machines


I m a newbie when it comes to the TICK Stack. I have managed to install TICK stack on windows machine. Through some digging on internet i manage to get the local host perf_counters stats in influx via telegraf and used graphana to view the graphs/visuals. I’m trying to find out if i can get the same stats across multiple machines without having to install the telegraf agent on each machine. Can someone please assist as to how that can be done using telegraf.

I cannot find any configuration on git or on the community pages or documentation


Hi any updates please. Seems like no one has the answer to this problem


Its agent based, you have to install Telegraf agent on each machine.
Once configured and deployed, it will collect and send information to your master server where influxdb is running.

Hi Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

I have a local telegraf service which is writing to master influx db locally which works fine
I have another one installed remotely and accessing it but cannot seem to write to the database
config as below

I have ran telgraf using --test command and it seems to get the data correctly. I cannot seem to write that data to the master influx db which is running on my machine as a window service. The service starts fine but not sure why it wont write.

The port is open and i can telnet fine. Its writing to the same database that my local instance is writing to.


What do you see in the telegraf log file?
I do not see you configured one, it would be helpful to enable logs.

It keeps on taking the local host even though i have changed the config to point to my remote host

seems to be taking a default config from somewhere.

I suggest you to add logging

Configuration for telegraf agent


Specify the log file name. The empty string means to log to stderr.

logfile = “”

thanks for your help
Below is what i did. Given i totally dont understand the config

To produce local logfile

Specify the log file name. The empty string means to log to stderr.

logfile = “/Program Files/Telegraf/telegraf.log”

I had to take the # out which forced it to use the correct remote address for influx.

Seems like its writing to my remote influx db now.

Was a pain but good learning and thanks for all your assistance on this

Glad you are all set!