First install in a networked computer

I have successfully installed influxdb and telegraf and grafana in a main computer and telegraf is posting data to influx which grafana can see.
I then go to another computer on the same network and install telegraf, using the same process to install as a service, which runs just fine.
Log file doesn’t indicate any issues, last line is:
2020-03-17T16:20:13Z I! [agent] Config: Interval:10s, Quiet:false, Hostname:“seePyou”, Flush Interval:10s

That is all it says though and nothing else is written to it.

In Grafana I can see no data, and in influx I walk the telegraf database and see no data coming in from this computer.
Curiously enough though, Grafana sees AND doesn’t see the new hostname: explain
in the dashboard I have a variable with this query:

this does show me the “seePyou” hostname.

If I go to the panel though and edit the query and go where the hostname is assigned as host, the list of the hosts is /^Host/ and “mainserver” only. The hostname “seePyou” is not there in this dropdown. So how can the variable find it?

I have installed firewall rules to send data from the computer, and to accept data from the other computer.

The telegraf.conf are identical with the only different being the output URL. In the computer where the influx lives I use:
urls = [“”]
and in the other ocmputer I use:
urls = [“”]

Any help?

whats the output from the influxDB logs?

The configuration seems to not have any logging going on.
Which logging should I enable?

This is where it could get confusing, I’m not sure with Windows. I normally run the database on Ubuntu.

Best guess would be to look in the event viewer and see if there are any errors from influx. If the agent is running fine, then i’d check the database configuration.

If you enable logging inside your telegraf.conf file and run the telegraf agent from an elevated cmd prompt that might give you a better idea of what the agent is doing.

Could i ask why you are running Influx from a windows machine? In all honesty, while it will work with windows as far as i know it isn’t very well supported.

Well, Influx is happy with data from telegraf from the same computer (main)
I have 2 hours worth of data from that one.
So that has to mean it’s happy, no?
So if (main) can send data to inlfux, everything else should be able to. But the host (seePyou) doesn’t seem to appear in influx running in (main) despite the variable saying that it reached it.

Running telegraf localy, no service, and setting logging to stderr does the same thing: gives the initial connection stats and then nothing.

C:\Utils\telegraf>telegraf.exe -config telegraf.conf
2020-03-17T17:02:30Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.13.4
2020-03-17T17:02:30Z I! Loaded inputs: win_perf_counters
2020-03-17T17:02:30Z I! Loaded aggregators:
2020-03-17T17:02:30Z I! Loaded processors:
2020-03-17T17:02:30Z I! Loaded outputs: influxdb
2020-03-17T17:02:30Z I! Tags enabled: host=seePyou
2020-03-17T17:02:30Z I! [agent] Config: Interval:10s, Quiet:false, Hostname:“seePyou”, Flush Interval:10s
2020-03-17T17:04:16Z I! [agent] Hang on, flushing any cached metrics before shutdown

it should send data every 10 seconds, but it is there for two minutes doing nothing (between the “Config” line and the “Hang on” line)

Anything else I can try?