Loading not successful with File Plugin

Hi ,
I am trying to load a text file using file plugin and want to load into Influxdb.by doing so i am getting error and load is not successful. Can you please assist as i am new to this.
My config file is ,
debug = true


url = “http://localhost:8086
database = “NOAA”

files = ["/home/ec2-user/sampe_file.txt"]
data_format = “influx”

cat /home/ec2-user/sampe_file.txt

This file is not loading,please let me know where i am doing wrong

Hello your file contents need to be in the Influxdata line protocol.

something like:
myMeasurement,tag1=value1,tag2=value2 fieldKey="fieldValue" 1556813561098000000

You might also find it useful to include debug=true in the agent portion of your config.