InfluxDB2 Cloud does not align with video demo's

Hello InfluxDB Community + Teachers!

First off, thank you for providing these courses and credentials. It has been a great resource prior to interviewing for a role that will use InfluxDB.

Secondly: I’m guessing the answer will be the same as for 101 (I don't find a place to enter the first Flux script in course 101 - #11 by beingmerry) to just use the OSS version, but like with 101: the Telegraf demo video in the first part of the course does not align with what is available in the free influxdb-cloud-2-0 version. See below:

My cloud dashboard (with Telegraf running on WSL2 to push internet speed to db)

Vs the video walkthrough dashboard (with notebooks and other options that I do see in the OSS version)

Hello @beingmerry,
Yes I apologize.
InfluxDB Cloud is going through a LOT of changes:
Learn more about them here:

The same should apply if you use OSS.
We’re working on updating course content.

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Thanks @Anaisdg ! This community + Slack has really been great for learning the software. I’ll continue to go through the classes with the OSS version. Have a great day and keep up the good work + communications