InfluxDB2 OSS Metrics scrapper

Is InfluxDB OSS Metric scrapper devoted only to the cloud version? I installed that scrapper (from community templates) on my Ubuntu server but it doesn’t bring me any data to my dashboard.

ARe you using?

This should work for OSS.
It looks like maybe your telegraf configuration isn’t set up properly?

You will need to configure the following ENV variables for your Telegraf config to run:

  • INFLUX_URL: This is the url for your cloud account such as
  • INFLUX_ORG: This is your organization name for your InfluxDB Cloud account.
  • INFLUX_TOKEN: This is a token that Telegraf would use to fetch the remote config from your InfluxDB Cloud account and write data to the oss_metrics bucket. If you are just getting started, the easiest way is to just use an All Access token generated from the UI.