Telegraf (429 Too Many Requests)

Hi I am new to InfluxDB and Telegraf and have a local docker image running InfluxDB 1.8.10 and Telegraf 1.22. I signed up for InfluxDB Cloud free plan account to see if I can monitor my local docker InfluxDB and Telegraf instance metrics via the Cloud dashboard template which I setup. But in my telegraf logs I see

2022-10-09T18:36:45Z W! [outputs.influxdb_v2::influxdb_v2] Failed to write to telegraf; will retry in 3m14s. (429 Too Many Requests)
2022-10-09T18:36:45Z E! [outputs.influxdb_v2::influxdb_v2] When writing to []: waiting 3m14s for server (telegraf) before sending metric again
2022-10-09T18:36:45Z E! [agent] Error writing to outputs.influxdb_v2::influxdb_v2: failed to send metrics to any configured server(s)
2022-10-09T18:36:46Z E! [outputs.influxdb_v2::influxdb_v2] When writing to []: retry time has not elapsed

Does that mean I ran up against my free Cloud account read/write limits? As I do see data in the Cloud added template for InfluxDB 1.x but no data for Telegraf template.

Hi @eva2000,
So you can write up to 5MB worth of data every 5 minutes on the free plan. So you might be hitting usage limits. Can you explain a little more what you mean by no data for telegraf template? are you also monitoring telegraf with the internal plugin?

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It wasn’t actually no data, just data was severely delayed in showing up - due to rate limit?

Yeah on the Cloud dashboard I saw a popup saying I hit query write limit on free plan heh

Grafana only monitoring InfluxDB not Telegraf but Telegraf I have inputs for both influxdb (Cloud) as well as my local docker instance

  # Docker Endpoint
  #   To use TCP, set endpoint = "tcp://[ip]:[port]"
  #   To use environment variables (ie, docker-machine), set endpoint = "ENV"
  endpoint = "unix:///var/run/docker.sock"
  # Only collect metrics for these containers, collect all if empty
  container_names = []
  gather_services = false
  source_tag = false
  container_name_include = []
  container_name_exclude = []
  timeout = "5s"
  perdevice = true
  total = false
  docker_label_include = []
  docker_label_exclude = []

# Read InfluxDB-formatted JSON metrics from one or more HTTP endpoints
  alias = "influxdb"
  ## Works with InfluxDB debug endpoints out of the box,
  ## but other services can use this format too.
  ## See the influxdb plugin's README for more details.

  ## Multiple URLs from which to read InfluxDB-formatted JSON
  ## Default is "http://localhost:8086/debug/vars".
  urls = [

  ## Optional TLS Config
  # tls_ca = "/etc/telegraf/ca.pem"
  # tls_cert = "/etc/telegraf/cert.pem"
  # tls_key = "/etc/telegraf/key.pem"
  ## Use TLS but skip chain & host verification
  # insecure_skip_verify = false

  ## http request & header timeout
  timeout = "5s"

Is there an InfluxDB 1.8 query I can run to get my write data rate on my end to get an idea of what it is?