Telegraf Fails to send Data to Influxdb

Hello, i have deployed influxdb to a docker container and utilizing Telegraf to send results of a http endpoint to influx. The problem is that my telegraf plugin appear to be working but i cannot find the data in Influxdb explorer. Please advice where i could be going wrong. Thank you

Welcome to the community.
Which version of influxdb are you using? V1.x or V2.x ? I assume V2.x ?
Any error messages from Telegraf?

Am using version 2.2.1. Telegraf show no errors since test works well

Do you see any metrics in the console, if you run Telegraf with the --test option?

Yes i do. But then once i check influxdb explorer i cannot find any

What is the timestamp of the data? From today or older?
You have to select the right period in InfluxDB on the right side, otherwise you won’t see any data. A common problem.

Am using a 15 minute window or less

The same configuration works well for other nodes which are sending data to the same influxdb instance.

Hello @Franky1 just found an error "context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)|. Could this explain why telegraf tests work but fail to write data to bucket?

the answer is pretty simple Telegraf --test does not run any output plugin, therefore you just have a preview of the data.
If you want to run the whole pipeline, outputs included run Telegraf --once.

Thanks for the feedback.

@Franky1 @Giovanni_Luisotto Thank you for the assistance. My problem was caused by changes in my Network’s NAT configurations. Now the node can send the data well to my docker instance.