Telegraf - InfluxDB Listener - Data replication

I am currently collecting telemetry data every 1 second and storing it in a local data base using influxdb 1.8.
I am also using a node-red flow to query the last value every 5 seconds and then post this data to influx cloud for remote access.

I don’t believe this is the best way to achieve this. Can I use telegraf’s ‘InfluxDB Listener’ plugin to retrieve the data when it is posted and then the influxdb_v2 output plugin to post this to the cloud database?

I am having difficulty getting it to work.

I can use the inputs.system plugin and this posts to my cloud instance, so I know the cloud connection is working correctly.

What am I missing?

Yeh, you’ve got the right idea. Can you share your telegraf config that you’ve got so far? (Redact the sensitive bits!) can you also share any error messages or other problems you’ve found.

Your telegraf config should just need two output blocks, one with 1.8 plugin for your local instance, and one with 2.0 plugin for your cloud instance.

1.x output

2.x output