Telegraf input plugin that reads from localhost/bucket


Is there a way to use Telegraf to read data from a local influxdb bucket (OSS) and write that data into a different influxdb cloud bucket?

The output plugin is working, but I can’t find a input plugin that reads from a influx bucket on localhost? Preferably using flux-lang to make the query.

If Telegraf is not the preferred way to go, what are my options then?

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Hello @Enmas,
You can use the execd input plugin and any client library to continuously query a local InfluxDB instance and write data to Cloud:

There isn’t an InfluxDB input plugin.
But that’s a good idea for a external plugin:


Hi @Enmas,

I’m following up on this because InfluxDB 2.1 introduced an improved to() function in Flux that does exactly this!

Just call it at the end of a query on your OSS instance, pass into it the host, org, token and bucket for your cloud instance, and it will write the queried data for you.