Telegraf as relay to influxdb from an influxdb-java client

I am trying to setup an influxdb infrastructure.
I will have multiple servers with telegraf reporting data to a main influxdb backend.
On each server there is multiple application servers instances that will push events to local telegraf to let telegraf manage the connection/buffering/compression with the main influxdb server. Also telegraf will poll some metrics on each application server instances.
Is telegraf the good choice for this kind of architecture ?
May I use influxdb-java client to push one line on telegraf ?
I would prefer to avoid to connect directly to influxdb from the application server to better separate responsibilities.
Thanks for your help,

@Fabrice Welcome to InfluxDB! As to your questions:

  1. Telegraf is a great choice for this kind archetecture.
  2. Yes! In this configuration you would use the http_listener plugin.

Hope this helps!