Telegraf - InfluxDB v2 Listener question

I have following configuration. IoT device submits GPS and sensor data via HTTP API directly to InfluxDB 2.0. There is a need to modify this setup with three tasks

  1. Add S2 cell ID token tag using GPS coordinates
  2. Add Country/City tags using public API add (not essential point)
  3. Forward data to Azure Application Insights and local InfluxDB 2.0

If I understand correctly I need to setup Telegraf as a proxy

IoT->Telegraf (1.14)->multiple InfluxDB 2.0 and Azure outputs

Question is how to set it up. I found 3 possible options for input.

  • InfluxDB Listener plugin (inputs.influxdb_listener) is is compatible with InfluxDB 1.x** only. What is the recommended way to listen for incoming messages? Are there plans add v2 support there?
  • HTTP Listener v2 plugin ( inputs.http_listener_v2). Is it compatible with InfluxDB v2 HTTP API . Can I redirect inputs from existing Influx v2 HTTP API to telegraf HTTP Listener v2 ? Does it accept org and Bucket names and Authorization token?
  • InfluxDB v2 plugin (inputs.influxdb) . I have no idea how it is getting data but might be usable also.

Any ideas how to process data using Google Geolocate API with Telegraf would also be welcome.