Influxdb_v2_listener does not support /ping route

This is difficult to grasp as its not clear what end-points/routes should be used for health in Influx DB 2.x
I’m using a monitoring software that is capable of pushing metrics to InfluxDB 2.x and I need to use Telegraf to suport a specific use-case.

When I connect directly to Influxdb (v2.5.1) everything works as expected but when I use the Telegraf ( 1.28.5) Influxdb 2.x input listener I can see my application uses the /ping endpoint and that Telegraf returns a 404

However I can use the route /api/v2/ready but nothing else.
When I’m reading the test-cases I find this:

Where it expects the read route.

But reading the API Docs /ping should be available in 2.x?

Whats’ the correct method and should I file a bug report for the Telegraf Plugin? Or should I use another plugin?

Thanks for reading.


The v2 listener is not a replacement for the entire v2 API. It only provides the write endpoint. The ping endpoint is out of scope.

That might be true, if so it would be strongly suggested that it is documented that the endpoint cant be used as a proxy for InfluxDB as its not API compatible.

I understand its not a full replacement, that does not make sense, but health is quite critical