I don't find a place to enter the first Flux script in course 101

I’m just starting the 101 course.
I created a free Cloud InfluxDB account but the UI seems to allow entering only SQL scripts.
I therefore cannot execute the Flux script to fill the NOAA bucket.

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I am running into the same problem. It seems that the data explorer only accepts SQL queries. The UI also changed a lot compared to the UI shown in the lesson.

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I’ve got the same issue - seems like the course is no longer valid?

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This is a reply I got from InfluxDB:

Hi Dino, as of January 31st we have updated our InfluxDB Cloud database engine to support SQL queries to make ramping up on InfluxDB and time series data faster and easier. You can learn more about our new engine here
(Announcing the General Availability of Our New High-Performance Time Series Engine in InfluxDB Cloud | InfluxData).

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Update: they told me I should use SQL instead of Flux. I tried to upload the NOAA dataset and run a simple query and got an error back. I opened another ticket about that.

Looks like they changed the UI, but the course content is not updated to reflect it. Unfortunately this is the first step in the course and you cant move forward without this. Looks like a missed opportunity

what is the SQL to upload the dataset…

Last week I attended an introductory webinar on InfluxDB and all the emphasis was on the new iox db storage engine and itsSQL frontend (so far available only on Infux cloud, I believe):

Looks like Flux will become some kind of “legacy” environment.
Unfortunately course 101, as is, becomes useless.

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wonderful, waste of time i guess

Well, I don’t want to sound too harsh in my opinions. During the webinar they said the current InfluxQL query language will stay and I guess keep Flux for quite some time.
As a newbie in InfluxDB with a strong RDBMS background the convergence towards pure SQL seems positive though.

@dinofm @gaja
I’m currently working through the Influx101 and was suggested to use the OSS for now to get familiar. It also seems to have a more “feature complete” set of tools vs the cloud version limiting you to what you have paid for.

Thank you for the suggestion, as I’m just “having a look” at Influx DB, I was planning to use the cloud version to avoid installing and configuring an OSS instance.
On which OS did you install it?

I just saw in your other post that you installed it on Windows.

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I installed it on both Windows and WSL2. I’m currently using it on WSL2 and it seems to be working very well!

Was installation easy? I’m not familiar with WSL2, did you install Influx using APT or similar tool?

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Apt has a package but I think it lags behind a bit, so I built from the source ( GitHub - influxdata/influxdb: Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics ) then run it with influxd command, then access the interface via browser. The URL should be localhost:8086 (port 8086 by default)

WSL2 install is relatively easy now (compared to WSL1) Install Ubuntu on WSL2 and get started with graphical applications | Ubuntu

Hope that helps!

Thank you fir the information, I hope I can find the time to install it in the coming weeks.
does Influx install its own local web server as well?

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Hi all, for those starting the InfluxDB Essentials Course on InfluxDB University .

Since the release of InfluxDB IOx this course is no longer compatible with the Cloud/SAS version of InfluxDB.

We are working hard to release a new course soon to better reflect the new storage engine. Until then here are the options:
You may continue to go through the course if you download and install InfluxDB 2.X locally on your machine. The course material is compatible with this version.

  • Wait for the new course to be released.
  • We apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


Hi Jay , thank you for the clarification

@dinofm yes, the influxd command runs the influx daemon that also has a web server component that is normally exposed at port 8086

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