Cloud2 Serverless Data Explorer Flux Support

First-time poster here, long time influxdb user.

I’ve come to depend on flux queries with home and work projects. I just signed up for serverless and can’t find any support for flux in their data explorer, nor in their documentation. I only see references to SQL. The data explorer only supports SQL scripts. My local installation of influxdb 2 via docker comes with a more robust data explorer experience. Is influxdata killing support for flux? Why would they not include any reference to flux in their documentation? Query data stored in InfluxDB Cloud | InfluxDB Cloud Serverless Documentation


Welcome @smartcasa

I had many of the same questions as you when I installed InfluxDB Cloud with IOX back in Feb 2023 and was told then “We still have flux accessible via the query endpoint so Grafana flux dashboards are still compatible through this means."

So you should still be able to use your Flux queries in Grafana and have them work against the new InfluxDB Cloud with IOX. For me, I too needed the Flux query editor and Data Explorer in InfluxDB (not Grafana) to help me write Flux queries, so I am going to stay with InfluxDB OSS for now.

There is also activity in the OSS community to try to continue keeping Flux an option going forward. Last month, Paul posted this:

Thank you @grant1 . That thread is helpful, though disappointing, as it appears the future of Flux is questionable. I was able to use my existing flux queries with InfluxDB Cloud and was definitely relieved they worked, but not having the query designer is a currently a pain. I’ll follow that other thread and cross my fingers.