Data Explorer - SQL only?

Apologies in advance for what might just be a total n00b question…

I’m using InfluxDB Cloud. The documentation here states that you can use Data Explorer to write Flux queries. However when I open Data Explorer all I can see is a SQL interface:

I should also mention that I’m looking to play around in data explorer to learn more of the Flux language, as I am having to use it to write queries for my Grafana dashboards. If there’s a way of doing things in Grafana using SQL, then I’m up for that too.

Welcome @Underc0verW0mb4t

Your question has become pretty common on this forum (esp. for those who are doing the InfluxDB University courses). The short answer is that as of now, InfluxDB Cloud with IOx does not have the same Data Explorer that is referenced in the link you sent, and does not presently allow any Flux queries to be written or tested in that interface. You can write a Flux query in Grafana, which can be pointed to InfluxDB Cloud with IOx, and that will work, but in the current InfluxDB Cloud Data Explorer, it’s SQL only.

If you want to learn more of the Flux language for Grafana, you can still install InfluxDB OSS which does have the Data Explorer interface that you mentioned. That is what I do and that is how I test my queries to make sure I have it returning the data I want (before copying & pasting into Grafana). Make sense?

Also, here is a shameless plug if you want to use Flux queries with Grafana alerts.

Thanks, that clears that up